Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Poppies in the City

Poppies cover a field in False Creek

Nimby Burger

For weeks on Twitter its was abuzz about a new place in Kits called Nimby Burger. For about a week they were giving a way free burgers,but i didnt have a chance to try one until a day after they officially opened. I arrived at the counters to see lots of staff and no lineup. The prices ranged from 2.99 up for a burger..very well priced. I had the doublay,two patties cheese with pickles and sauce. It got a thumbs up. I also has fries and a drink. The thing i loved about the fries is they are fresh cut and BC Fresh. They were a little thin though(thinner=more heat loss) and too salty. Overall the food was great and i loved the old fashioned boat hats they wear. They also make shakes..still need to try one! Oh a tip..look for Nimby Frisbees on the beach..pick one up and bring it back for a burger of your choice. Oh they are at 2210 Cornwall at Yew(its really on Yew)
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Sunday, May 2, 2010


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This is from a group of photos i did with up and coming HipHop artist Heatwave last summer. Took the photo with a Nikon D60 but edited the picture on my Iphone